At Premium Keys Shop, we prioritize the swift and secure delivery of activation keys and premium services to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. Please take note of the following details regarding our delivery policy:

  1. Delivery Channels:

Activation keys and premium services are dispatched either via your registered email or through our 24/7 chat support. Upon placing an order, you have the option to receive your premium key instantly through our chatbox. Alternatively, the key will be delivered to your email within 4 hours of purchase. In rare instances, delivery may take more than 12 hours, especially in cases where file hosts face technical challenges in issuing new premium keys.

  1. Chat Support Availability:

Our chat support is available round the clock, allowing you to connect with our executives at any time. If you opt for instant delivery via chatbox, you can engage with our team immediately after placing an order.

  1. Email Confirmation:

A confirmation email will be sent to the provided mail ID upon the successful delivery of our services. Please ensure that the email address provided during registration is valid and accurate.

  1. Delivery Timeframe:

While we strive for prompt delivery, in rare circumstances, premium key delivery may extend beyond 12 hours. This may occur if the file host experiences technical issues preventing the issuance of new premium keys. If you do not receive product details within 48 hours, please promptly contact our support team for assistance.

  1. Helpdesk Assistance:

For any challenges encountered in utilizing our services, our helpdesk is at your disposal. Feel free to reach out to our support team for prompt assistance.

  1. Email Delivery Verification:

Customers are responsible for providing a valid and correct email ID during the ordering process, as the product will be delivered to this address. It is crucial to confirm that our emails do not end up in the JUNK folder to ensure timely access to your premium key.
For further inquiries or support, please contact our helpdesk, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Premium Keys Shop!

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